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Our Lady of the Wayside is a parish made up of approximately 3,000 families. We are well known for having one of the most active parishes in the area. With parishioners involved in approximately 70 ministries across the parish, many good things happen on a daily basis. Every day, hundreds of lives are touched by acts of kindness thanks to our caring parishioners. Thatís the good news. The bad news is we havenít been very successful in sharing those great stories with you.

In an effort to dramatically improve our parishís ability to communicate with our parishioners, Our Lady of the Wayside formed a Parish Communication Ministry in Summer 2016. Our initial goal is to identify our parishionersí interests and preferred methods of communicating. Some folks will want to receive emails, some text messages while others may prefer to receive a letter in the US mail. Once we know how you want to be communicated with, we will be tasked with ensuring that information about what is happening at Our Lady of the Wayside reaches you and reaches you in a timely manner in your preferred format!


Communications Campaign

To facilitate the collection of information and identify areas of interest among our parishioners, Our Lady of the Wayside began a Parish Communications Campaign on September 10-11, 2016. The purpose of the campaign was quite simple; to establish communication with each and every parishioner at Our Lady of the Wayside. Our goal was to allow you to customize how you want to communicate, when you want to communicate and what areas of interest are of most important to you.

Phase 1
During September and October 2016, we asked anyone connected to our parish or school to simply share the names and email addresses of everyone in their household who are over the age of 18, whether they attend church regularly or not. For those who donít use email, we will collect their street addresses and phone numbers to determine the best way to allow them to participate in our Communications Campaign.

There will be many opportunities to register with the Campaign.

  • Click for the Communications Campaign Email Registration Form
  • Complete a form found at the end of the pews or in the Parish Office
  • Speak with Communication Ministry representatives in the Gathering Space before and after weekend Masses

Please help Our Lady of the Wayside serve your needs to the best of our ability by participating in our Communications Campaign. You will be able to change your communication preferences at any time.

Phase 2
At the completion of Phase 1 in 2016, we began Phase 2 in 2017. During Phase 2 of our campaign, we sent surveys asking you to identify your preferred method(s) of communicating with the parish/school and to determine your areas of interest. Based on the feedback from these surveys, the Parish Communications Ministry will identify the most appropriate tools to meet our needs.

Phase 3
Phase 3 involved the development of our parish communications platform/toolset. The first item identified was the need for email communications highlighting parish-wide events. The emails began in January 2017 and have evolved into the weekly emails which we have named "Wayside Wednesday".

Phase 4
Phase 4 will be the ongoing communication with you, our fellow parishioners.


Contact Us

If you have information to share, please contact one of the officers listed below or the Communications Ministry mailbox. Indicate where you would like your information posted: website, Facebook, Wayside Wednesday emails, and/or the Bulletin.


Chairperson:Ed Murnane
Secretary:Andy Pozdol
Staff Liason:Mandy Dillon
Ministry Mailbox:Mike Gilbert
Committee Members:Tom Aichele
Mandy Dillon
Fr. Ed Fialkowski
Mike Gilbert
Danielle Kenney
Casandra McKenna
Ed Murnane
Sean Norris
Toni Palese
Andy Pozdol
Jim Rafter
Sean Reilly
Jim Sherry


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